Introducing our newest sales consultants…


Josh Goicoechea

Josh is a graduate of Washington State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture Technology. His previous positions include employment with Del Monte Foods as a Shift Supervisor and with Cargill Grain as Maintenance Manager. Josh joined our sales team in 2013 and recently took responsibility for Columbia Food Machinery customers in eastern Idaho, Utah, and Alberta, Canada territories.

Harrison Koch

Harrison is a graduate of BYU-Idaho and interned with us twice during his studies. He has traveled with our outside sales staff to familiarize himself with our customers’ applications and the equipment we support, as well as working in-office learning processes and procedures. Harrison started working full time with us in December 2014. In October 2015, he was appointed to cover our western Washington, western Oregon, and British Columbia sales territories.

Here are some recent problem-solving innovations…




The Reyco EcoMiser is the most cost effective method of removing oil from fried food products. The EcoMiser strips the oil from the product using air directly after frying. The oil is entrained in the air then removed in the high efficiency cyclones. The oil is then filtered and returned to the system.




The Blizzard free-fall pulsed LED camera sorter is the most cost effective optical sorting solution for IQF vegetable processors on the market. It provides continuous food inspection to ensure food safety, maximum yield, and customer satisfaction by removing unwanted discolorations, foreign material, and misshapen product.



The TMS-Pro measures food texture attributes in product quality assurance, R&D and education fields. The system includes TL-Pro software to implement any regulatory standard or custom test with high accuracy plus repeatability, and a choice of loadcell up to 550 lbs. (2500 N). It accepts our wide range of fixtures and accessories to apply FTC’s 50 years of application development experience.