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What’s New

Meet the newest members of our team:


Nathan, the newest addition to our team, acquired a strong background in mechanical engineering while earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Following graduation, he worked as a custom equipment design engineer, increasing his awareness of each application’s unique requirements and helping customers solve problems. Nathan is gaining experience in the food processing industry by assisting with technical inquiries and traveling periodically to support our equipment and customers.


John came to us with valuable experience in the food processing industry, gained while working for Reyco Systems. After spending many successful years in sales, customer service, and sales management, we were fortunate to have John join our team in 2018. He has quickly acquired technical experience and knowledge of our equipment while assisting with projects throughout the territories we serve. John’s sincere dedication to helping customers has been an important part of his success.


Brad spent summers while earning a mechanical engineering degree working with food processing machinery as an intern at A&K Development (2015 & 2016) and with our company in 2017. He brought new perspectives and experiences to our team when he joined us full-time in 2018. He’s worked in many food processing plants assisting with equipment projects. Brad enjoys helping customers improve performance on existing machines, and provides valuable insights into new equipment.


Harrison began his career with our company working part-time during high school, then as an intern while in college, impressing us with his strong focus on assisting customers. He joined us full-time in 2015, and he has become an important part of our team by building a reputation for providing superior support and assistance. After several years working with customers in the Northwest, Harrison moved to the Midwest, where he is expanding the area in which we assist large potato processing facilities.

Take a look at our latest problem-solving innovations:


TOMRA Sorting Solutions

TOMRA 5B Optical Belt Sorting Machine

The TOMRA 5B belt sorter is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly system that incorporates a range of innovative technologies to sort food products according to your specifications.

Design Features & Benefits:

  • 4K color and infrared camera detection
  • Object-based detection and rejection technology
  • High resolution laser-based foreign material detection
  • Advanced size and shape sorting software
  • High intensity pulsed LED illumination
  • Ability to detect biological elements such as chlorophyll and solanine
PFI PURmotion™ Horizontal Conveyor

PFI (formerly Meyer/Kofab)

PURmotion™ Horizontal Motion Conveyor

PURmotion™ is the next generation of horizontal motion conveyance that offers a hygienic design while maintaining the gentleness, flexibility, and durability that is expected in your operation.

Design Features & Benefits:

  • All stainless-steel construction
  • IP69K rated components for heavy wash-downs
  • Bi-directional with nearly instantaneous reversal of product flow
  • No hollow tubing
  • Minimal flat surfaces
  • Open design for ease of cleaning
  • Direct drive servo motor for quiet operation
  • No belts, pulleys, or additional lubrication points required.
Vanmark Compact Skid Hydrocutter


Hydrocutter Skid System

Vanmark has used their extensive hydrocutting experience to develop a new compact hydrocutting system. The Hydrocutter Skid provides quality and durability in an easy-to-install system.

Design Features & Benefits:

  • Includes all features of a cutting line – pump tank, pump, cutter, decelerator, and dewatering conveyor in a compact, skid-mounted system
  • Stainless-steel hydro tubes fit products up to 4″ in diameter
  • Flexible throughput – 1,000 to 50,000 lbs. per hour
  • Designed for quick and thorough sanitation and change-outs
  • Especially suitable for growing operations or running seasonal/specialty products
TOMRA 5A Drop Sorter

TOMRA Sorting Solutions

TOMRA 5A Whole Product Sorter

Design Features & Benefits:

  • New multi-spectral classifier technology for FM detection
  • Pulsed LED illumination in both visible and invisible spectra
  • New deflect rejector for FM removal
  • Precise length, diameter, and shape grading
  • High resolution color camera
  • Optional Peel Control Module (PCM)
PFI PURlift™ Vertical Conveyor

PFI (formerly Meyer/Kofab)

PURlift™ Positive Drive Lifting Conveyor

Design Features & Benefits:

  • Positive Drive system
  • Self-tracking belt, with an option to add a Tool-less Weighted Belt Scraper
  • Quick-Release take-ups
  • Sanitary design
  • Long-lasting
  • Low-maintenance
  • Quiet Operation
  • Automatic Infeed Section
Vanmark Lamina Hydrocutter


Lamina® Hydrocutter

Design Features & Benefits:

  • Pumps product through cutting blades accurately without adjustment or wear parts
  • CFD software uses data analysis to improve product yield
  • Flexible hydrotubes fit a wide range of products, including over-sized and odd-shaped
  • Designed for modularity and integration with legacy components
  • Sanitary design allows for quick and thorough cleaning